Journey to the Land of Look Behind

“‘Im waan see you,” she insisted. You. Come . . . before he go.”

Revulsion and anger took turns with my insides.

“Me? You must be mad! You think I’m coming down there? For him? Call the others, if you can find them. My rescue-the-perishing ticket is paid up.”

“You. Capo say you first.”

GazeInEveningLightTalented and driven Indigo Wade is entrenched in the rigors of her frenzied life. Hemmed in by disillusionment with her engineering career, the expectations of a tyrannical mother and bloodless matches with her lover, Reed she yearns for a life of her own design. As she struggles through her dark night of the soul, a rum-soaked voice from her childhood pulls her back to her island home from which she has long been disconnected to face the father whose instincts capsize notions of kinship and trust. Old wounds are ripe for picking and the charismatic, wily Capo Wade unveils his own agenda for survival that could forever sever their already frayed bonds.

SeaPicWhat begins as a reluctant trip home precipitates a transformative journey of exploration, discovery and affirmation. Balanced on the threshold of two worlds, neither of which she fully belongs, Indigo is both heiress and outsider to the battle-pitted legacy of women who are more strangers than sisters and the wounded trajectory of their lives. Shepherded by the sage guidance of her Aunt, Indigo must face questions that help her navigate her own truths. Who are we when stripped of easy monikers: daughter; father, sister, friend. Can she steer her father toward a place of redemption and at what cost? Will she choose the familiarity of Reed or lose her inhibitions with the beguiling, unconventional Elijah?


Set in New Orleans and Jamaica, Journey to the Land of Look Behind illustrates what’s left amidst the wreckage of a woman abandoned by a father who navigates relationships like a chess grand master.


From the intoxicating bacchanal of New Orleans’ speakeasies to the grottoes of Port Antonio, hers is a journey discovery. Backed by a soundtrack fraught with a slow simmering agony served with a sliver of hope, Journey to the Land of Look Behind begs the question: “Who are we in the deepest recesses of ourselves when unencumbered by history and expectations?”

About the Author

GingerCandy1Denise Laidler is a travel and culture writer, content producer and communication consultant at GoldenPen Ink Communication, a boutique communication firm in New York. She has written, edited and produced content for various media outlets and companies including Black Enterprise magazine, Essence magazine,, Jamaica Tourist Board, The Rockefeller Foundation, FedEx, Bank of America and others. Her fiction has been featured in the Caribbean Writer Vol. 27 and she was awarded the anthology’s David Hough Literary Prize for her short story Where Dreams Die, an excerpt from her debut novel Journey to the Land of Look Behind.

Denise is a graduate of New York University with a B.A. in Political Science and English. She has a Master’s degrees from Columbia University’s School of International Affairs and in International Communication from American University’s School of International Service . Fiction Writing is her passion and Journey to Land of Look Behind is her first novel.

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